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  Learn the Secret and hold the Key to your Wellbeing, Happiness, Success, and Affluence in 5 Clear Easy Steps

In this FREE 60 minute Webinar Discover:

  • How to get the best out of your Physical Health
  • Get the best out of your Couple Relationship
  • Maintain or regain a balanced Mental health
  • Feel calm and grounded and satisfied with Your Life
  • Be a great Role Model as a Parent
  • Enjoy your Friendships and Spare time
  • How to achieve Affluence with ease
  • Get the best and be the best in your Career or Business
Salwa Ibrahim
                AND TRAINER
Discover How to
Re-Boot Your Brain
Enjoy A SUPERCHARGED Stress Free Life
In 5 Easy STEPS
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FREE Training Webinar
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  • If you are Losing Control too often
  • If you feel locked in any Negative Cycle
  • If your Couple Relationship is more in Conflict than not 
  • If your career is stuck or your Finances are at a Standstill
  • If you are Holding in Your Anger
  • If your Health, Mental or Physical is Suffering
  • If you feel you want better for Yourself but cannot reach Your Goals
  • If your Parenting Role is causing you Stress
You  are highly recommended to attend this Webinar  if:
About Your Speaker
Salwa Ibrahim studied Neurolinguistic Programming and also Neurology of the Brain and its influence on your Mind and Body and therefore the Brain's impact on Mental and Physical Health.

The scientific knowledge about this area has been only available to a limited number of scientists and not shared with 
many doctors, therapists or the general public for that matter.

If such important and life changing knowledge is to be shared with the public we could make certain changes that will positively affect our Mental and Physical wellbeing and quality of life and happiness as well as success and fulfillment.

Salwa has taken it upon herself to focus on sharing this life changing knowledge.  She specialises in training people to
use certain techniques and skills to optimise the Brain's impact on good health, well-being and happiness as well as affluence and satisfaction.

Based on this valuable knowledge and skill base what could have seemed like far fetched unrealistic goals have 
become achievable.

This WEBINAR is a free gift to help you achieve the best life that you desire and deserve! 

Salwa Ibrahim

MBACP Senior Accredited Supervisor,  CBT Therapist, Trauma Therapy Specialist,  EMDR Specialist, Couple Therapist,  Psycho-Sexual Therapist,  NLP Practitioner,  Business Coach,  Therapist, Trauma Therapy Specialist,  EMDR Specialist.